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Hi, I am Janet. I am a mom of 4 boys.  Matthew is 17, Nathan 15, Hayden 13 and Kyle, my baby, is 4.

I remember being in grade 2 (a VERY long time ago) and all I wanted for my birthday was a camera.  I got a Kodak Instamatic wind on camera and man did I take pictures!  Not many were developed, in fact, I still have some of those funny little film cartridges in my draw.  In high school I saved up and bought a 35mm Fuji camera... also a point and shoot... but it was such a prized possession.  I studied teaching which was a passion of mine, I went on to qualify as an Infant Massage Instructor and BabyGym Instructor after my 3rd son was born. This led to me purchasing Mothers & Miracles, a mom and baby workshop, which I ran successfully in the Upper Highway area for a few years. So I am no stranger to working with babies from tiny too tots! Fast forward 25 years and finally I am able to turn my passion for photography and babies into a career that I love.

I am a newborn and family photographer. I offer both lifestyle photography (which I love), as well as styled portrait photography (which I love!). I have a lovely modern studio space in Forest Hills, Kloof, KZN where I love to capture babies, tots and families.  I shoot with a Nikon full frame camera but my favorite lens is my Sigma 35mm art lens. I am a bit of a prime lens snob ... I love the sharpness they deliver. I love natural light but I am introducing studio lights as well.  It is all about control and delivering the best image I can.  I have completed a number of photography courses as well as taking every opportunity I can to join workshops especially on newborn photography which is my passion.  

If you would prefer your images to be taken at your home or at a location I do that too!

I look forward to documenting your journey.  Please feel free to browse and if it appeals to you, lets chat.

Janet xxx


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