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It really feels like this city has a life of it's own, a soul. I was born in Pretoria but grew up in KZN, for primary school I was in Pinetown outside Durban and then my high school years were spent in Scottburgh, a holiday town on the south coast that every Joburger knows! It was a wonderful province to grow up in. I started my married life and had my first 3 boys in Hillcrest. Oh how I loved Hillcrest! I still feel like it is one of the prettiest places in SA. 5 years ago we relocated to Gauteng. I thought I might die. I missed KZN so much.

I remember looking for a home and waiting outside an estate agent for my husband and the tears rolling down my cheeks. I kept saying to myself, this place is so ugly. It was a very difficult adjustment BUT I had 3 small boys and I had to make a choice to put on my big girl panties and get on with it.

Slowly this place grew on me. At first it was small things... at least it was still South Africa I would tell myself. They call Port Elizabeth the friendly city but Jozi is the friendliest city by far. A melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. I love how Joburg people will say "I live just down the road"... really? And after half an hour of driving you are not there yet! What's up with that? The energy in this place is unreal. The sea air in Durban certainly makes us much more laid back. The term "I will do it just now" has l a real South African meaning in KZN. But in Joburg man, people hustle. Things happen at lightning pace. It's exhilarating. i am excited to go on this photography journey here. I will always miss the beauty of KZN. I follow a few photographers from around Durban on social media and I can't lie and say I don't envy some of the stunning places they get to use as locations for shoots. However I am sure that they envy the pace and vibrancy of Gauteng. The let's just get it done attitude. Thank you Jozi for helping me realise a dream.

Love Janet x

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