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Shaelin, Fire Socks and Paddy

I have never been a horsey person. If I am honest they are a little intimidating. This past Saturday I spent the afternoon with Shaelin and her mom, my very good friend Nats, at the stables with a whole bunch of horses. Shaelin rode and groomed and had photos with Fire Socks and Paddy. The passion and commitment this girl has for these animals is nothing short of inspiring! Her sweet, tender soul shines through in the images we managed to capture.

Fire Socks is a real naughty boy! He just wants to eat and he is a little rebellious and gave Shaelin a bit of a hard time :) :) :) He was not a well behaved model at all! We managed to get a few shots with him but mostly he had his head down eating whatever he could find.

Paddy on the other hand is a real sweetheart, who is bit of an actor for the camera. It is true! He literally loves the camera. When he sees it pointed his way his posture changes and his ears prick up. What a card! I left the afternoon feeling calm and content. I may not even be so nervous of horses anymore... except for that cheeky one who snuck up on me in the stables and puffed on my neck. My nerves! Oh and electric fences.... Oooow,

Thanks Shaelin, Nats, Fire Socks and Paddy. What a special afternoon xxx

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