Photo sessions are special....

Your session is booked! Yippee. Photo sessions are special, this is not something we do everyday.  Most often you have made this booking in order to document a special occasion.  Sometimes it is just because... whatever the reason you want to get the maximum you can out of the time you have with your photographer.  So the following are just some tips to help you prepare and get the most out of the available time. 

While each session is different, the most common question photographers get, " is what should I/we wear?


What you need to know


Dress comfortably, but make an effort. If this a special occasion you are bound to have already dressed up.  If this is a booked shoot take some time and think about what you and anyone else taking part are wearing. Co-ordinate your colour palette. But don't match your clothes. Lifestyle sessions are about capturing a real representation of you and your loved ones.  So a simple co-ordination will do...  Try to stay real to yourselves.  Think about your personalities. Think about the enviroment where you are having the session. Does everything match up? Summer dresses in in a winter setting? Hmmmm? Make it count.


Ask questions of your photographer if you are unsure. How long will the session take? Do I need snacks for little kiddies? Should we bring a change of clothes? I have a newborn, what happens if she needs a feed? I like my clients to feel as relaxed as possible. I want your images to be natural and candid and slightly documentary.  For this I need you to feel prepared and calm.  This makes my job easier. So by all means ask, ask, ask ... whatever it is. 
Battling for inspiration... hit up Pintrest, but please don't over think it, remember what I said about been relaxed and confident?


  • Don't stress

  • Don't wear florescent colours

  • Don't wear large distracting logo's

  • Don't wear very thin stripes. moire is not easy to fix

  • Don't wear matching outfits, unless you usually do this?

Do Do Do

Be authntic, be yourselvels  and enjoy!