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Monday Blues

Hmmmmm.... Monday.... it is after 5pm and today has been crazy busy. 4 boys to run after and a fledgling business that I am trying to get off the ground so to speak. Sometimes this stay at home, working mom gig can get down right overwhelming. This day has flown by and I am sitting here trying to figure out what I have achieved, just as a boy asks for the umpteenth time, those dreaded words, "what's for dinner?" Breath.... Monday.... a day to be dreaded, I think the best way to get through a Monday is to see it as the promise of a new week, new adventures, new opportunities. While my Monday has been frustrating, piles of office work and demanding whiny kids, no photography which is actually what I would rather be doing, it is nearly behind me and then it is Tuesday, aaaaah Tuesday, hopefully all this admin will be a thing of the past and creativity and happiness and joy will prevail. And some good not so grumpy kids would be nice too .... too much to ask for?

how I wish I felt right now... carefree

Have a fabulous productive and happy week all.

Love Janet x

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